What is a Second Chance Entrepreneurs Alliance?


“Second Chance Entrepreneurs Alliances” are an innovative new approach which involves bringing together stakeholders in enterprise education and economic development – such as Universities and Colleges, VET providers, Enterprise Development Agencies, Local Governments, Banks, and Chambers of Commerce – to jointly contribute to sustainable cultural and institutional change towards business failure. These Alliances involve dialogue, exchange of best practice and construction of a common agenda for action – working to improve the business environment for second time around entrepreneurs by:


Starting to change minds towards business failure, eliminating negative social perceptions and stigma towards honest business failure.


Working with Higher and Vocational Education Providers to ensure that Business Failure and its consequences is taught as part of all enterprise courses.


Educating Banks, Micro Credit and Finance Providers that people who have failed in business before are statistically a better risk than first time start-ups

Three Alliances have been established to date, using the “Value of Failure Toolkit” in the Szczecin region of Poland, the Halle (Saale) region of Germany and the Northern Ireland region of the United Kingdom.

You can download view each of these Alliances’ Action Plans below.