Entrepreneur Course

Introduction to the Course

Course Audience

The course is designed for trainers, lecturers and business advisors teaching adult learners, including; entrepre­neurs and potential entrepreneurs, second chance entrepreneurs as well as undergradu­ates interested in establishing their own compa­ny and the interested public.

For entrepreneurs the course helps to under­stand the risks involved in companies and how to prevent them. For entrepreneurs who failed before, the course provides important resourc­es to prevent failure next time.

The course can be used in a classroom envi­ronment as well as a self-contained distance learning course.

Course Components

The syllabus of the Value of Failure course is di­vided into seven different chapters each of them focussing on different aspects of business fail­ure.

  1. Business failure in general

This chapter provides general information about business failure, including statistical data, important definitions of failure and the dif­ference between productive failure and unpro­ductive success.

  1. Common causes for business failure

This chapter explores the basics of root cause analysis and therefore helps to explore person­al business failures and risks related to your business. It also provides information about typical causes of business failure and reasons why start-ups are not successful.

  1. Facing bankruptcy?

This chapter describes how to identify financial distress and it also provides mathematical for­mulas to predict the risk of insolvency of a com­pany in the near future.

  1. Project management

This chapter describes how you can prevent failing by planning properly. It shows different project management approaches and also pro­vides the basics of risk analysis.

  1. Risk management

Chapter 5 is about risk management and haz­ard identification. This knowledge is important to keep track on major risks and to prevent a company from failing.

  1. Learning from failures

Failing isn’t all bad. Even though business failure is a hard task to take. To restart a busi­ness it is important to take as much learning resources from the recent failure.

  1. Re-starting your business

The last chapter of the value of failure business course provides a new and comprehensive ap­proach on business planning and product de­velopment.

The course has three different training resources:

  1. A Tutors Guide – this outlines the aims, learning outcomes and usage of each chapter.
  2. A Powerpoint/PDF Presentation – again this is to be used in conjunction with the Tutor’s Guide, this is a suggested course and includes the materials and activities.
  3. A Learner’s Workbook – to be completed by the trainee during the course, it forms a permanent record of their training and will be useful for them to refer to after the course has finished.

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