In this Toolkit

The Value of Failure Toolkit is a set of resources to help regions establish a “Second Chance Entrepreneurs Alliance”. You can learn more about this innovative approach here. Three Alliances have been established to date, this toolkit records their experiences, the techniques and processes used, and the lessons learnt.

In This Toolkit


This Strategy consists of three parts. Part I: Rationale – academic justification for investing in second chance entrepreneurs

Part II: Tools includes the various tools descriptions for supporting the creation of the alliances

Part III: Creating alliances – methodology presents the five steps approach for creating the alliances


These can be adapted to your region and used to explain the concept and gain support.


Branded with the Value of Failure logo and colours, these can be freely used without copyright.


A useful starting point for any region’s discussions on what initiatives could and should be in their Alliance.


Useful and motivational quotes and graphics which can be used to add life to presentations.

How we can help

With this toolkit you will be able to do most by yourself. However, you may find it useful to hire an external consultant to moderate the initial meeting and workshop, and to guide you through the process. Feel free to contact us.

Value of Failure teaching and training

We also have two courses designed to educate and inspire both students and entrepreneurs. The first course is designed for teachers, lecturers and tutors teaching adult learners, including; graduates, undergraduates and the interested public and can be found here. The second course is designed for trainers, lecturers and business advisors teaching adult learners, including; entrepre­neurs and potential entrepreneurs, second chance entrepreneurs as well as undergradu­ates interested in establishing their own compa­ny and can be found here.


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