Course Information

The course is designed for adult learners, including; graduates, undergraduates and the interested public.

For adult learners, the course will help them to appreciate the pos­itive effects of failure and its potential impact on their everyday life. The goal of the course is to make the existing positive effects of failure accessible to everybody.

As some learners might want to learn the content (or just parts of it) individually, all mod­ules and additional learning resources are pro­vided online.

Although the Value of Failure course is designed as a curriculum, each module can be used as a stand-alone session. Therefore each module starts with a basic introduction about the topic which can be skipped if you use more than one module or the whole course.

You do not need to use the materials in any particular order. If you want to concentrate on a specific topic you can jump in at your point of interest – although using the whole course is suggested.

“Excellent array of content available on this course! Its short, easy to access and to the point which are all incredibly attractive traits.”


“Loved participating in this online course- great sense of achievement and satisfaction gained at the finish line! I also loved transferring what I had learned into my new business.”